GET IN and feel it

this place is kind of the hell

Yes, you´re right. Man should know what it means to name his bar Sodom und Gomorra. “The Fire will burn down everything.”

But we´re still here. And stronger than before. Even if we go to hell, we decided to open up again.

a little less than 1001 DRINKS

something you must know

Ring to get in

There is a bell in front of the entrance. Ring it to get in. 'Cause it´s somehow a living room for us. Ring, Ring!

Ask the barman

To get the drink you need, ask the barman to choose a drink for you.

Cash only


ask the bartender for a drink


Was it good? Was it bad? It won´t matter. But think about your day and what you´ve done. Or haven´t done.


Don´t lie. That´s so boring. And we´ll hear it in your voice. Don´t try to figure out what will happen, if we find out.


Depending on your story we´ll create a special drink only for you.

Who are the guys Behind the Bar?

Born in Istanbul, Akbiyik moved to Berlin in 2003, where he practiced in the most famous Berlin bars.
Ferhat raised cocktails, preparation and serving to the level of theatrical performance.
He has trained bartenders around the world, over the years he has learned and trained hard in the hospitality sector until he rose to global fame as a World Class Mixologist.
He has worked in the industry for more than 19 years.

General Manager Ferhat Akbiyik

From Riga. Was studied in Bartenders school calls Bar Department.
He had many jobs in different styles of bars in Riga. After 3 years of hard work and successful bar projects where he was bar manager, he decided to move to Berlin. Ferhat became his mentor at Prinzipal Kreuzberg.
After 8 month he won the global competition of Courvoisier Taste of Paris. He´s searching for exciting and great experiences.

Barchef Aleksandrs Sadovskis

Hellofaguy Cem Erzincan